Jane Frost
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Fellowship Church invites qualified candidates to apply for the position of Worship Coordinator.  

The Worship Coordinator will ensure that our Sunday morning worship gatherings reflect the vision, core values and strategic directives of our Church.  This person will plan and coordinate all regular and special services as needed.  They will also schedule musicians, play piano as part of a rotation of other musicians, administrate, and work in concert with our worship committee.

This is a part-time position.    Intrigued?

Contact us at https://www.indeedjobs.com/fellowship-christian-reformed-church-fcfe3da/_hl/en_US?cpref=JXWAtnzf3XW5aRnY2g_zonsfzg9-fxtSx5l5XAqxI4o if you would like more information. 

We will be accepting resumes for the position until January 18.