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Welcome to Fellowship!

We are a church rooted in Biblical faith with a Reformed accent.  We are a community of faith that holds the Bible to be God's faithful word to humanity. It teaches us that all people are created in the image of God and that God has sent Jesus Christ into the world to redeem everyone and lead us to a restored creation.  His unconditional love to all is our strong motivation to embrace all people of all ages, races, genders, ethnic origins and economic circumstances. Our desire is to build loving community that truly includes all the diversity of our city as a reflection of the love God has for us in Christ Jesus. 


Lent at Fellowship Church - What's it like?

Lent is a journey towards Easter.  Click the Play arrow in the first video, below, to see our Lenten introductory video.  Join us for worship on Sundays at 10AM. Participate with the teaching topics daily via the Pastor's blog. Click on the second video to hear our members reflect on Scripture texts. (For past videos, see the Saturdays of the Pastor's Blog page.) Come, journey with us!