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My role as Business Manager enables World Missions and World Renew staff in Nigeria to carry out their work more effectively by providing logistical, administrative and accounting support. I also work with the national partners of both agencies to develop their organizational capacity in administration and finance. Through this mentoring and assistance, they in turn are enabled to better carry out their own ministry goals. This one-on-one training with finance department staff is time-consuming, but very effective and rewarding!

The key word and vision for ministry in Nigeria is partnership. Through partnership, our ministry reach is extended well beyond what we can accomplish on our own. After serving in Nigeria for many years, and going through the challenges of multiple moves and changes, it’s still a privilege to be part of that ministry. World Missions and World Renew work closely with national partners – both churches and their agencies, and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s). The CRCNA is developing close working partnerships with the national churches, especially for joint outreach to emerging churches in other regions. The best example of this is our partnership with the CRC of Nigeria for outreach in the northwestern Kambari area of Nigeria, in the emerging CRC of Sierra Leone, and in evangelism to the Fulani and the Isawa of Nigeria.
Mission Field

The West Africa region consists of 15 countries from Senegal to Nigeria that formed a regional community in 1975. Prior to 1960, nearly all the countries were British or French colonies. The colonial period’s influence is still evident in many of the countries’ national languages and administrative structures. The region’s 260 million people are also shaped by Christian, Muslim, and African traditional religions. Most people identify themselves as either Christian or Muslim but many continue to be influenced by traditional beliefs. Religious freedom has been growing in many West African nations, opening up opportunities for Christian ministry and perhaps spurring the Church’s recent rapid growth in West Africa. Still, with some of the world’s lowest levels of income, literacy and life expectancy, the region faces significant challenges.



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Can you see the children dancing while worshipping God? Can you hear young adults sharing gripping biblical stories and truths as hundreds of kids cram into classrooms? Imagine smiles lighting up with joy, hearts becoming peaceful, Scriptures being memorized, hands reaching out to forgive and love others every day. I see God delighting in His children as many tribes, tongues, and nations.
Partnering with “Global Outreach Mission” in Soroti, Uganda, and with Resonate Global Mission, I desire to see economically, physically, and spiritually oppressed lives changing in the name of Jesus. Currently, I help build up children's ministry programs, and sing with a musical team. seek Him.
Ministry in Uganda

I serve the children and youth in and around Soroti, Uganda. I do this by drawing together young adults from many of the local churches and training them on how to start and run a lively children’s ministry. I guide young adults in story-telling methods, explaining Bible stories, planning lessons and craft ideas, and sending them back to teach the children in their churches. Occasionally I walk alongside the teachers as they lead a class.
I also cherish my time with the kids – participating in school assemblies, religious education classes, Bible club, Kids camp, and neighbourhood entertainment. Singing and ministering with OIL of GLADNESS brings joy to my life, as we strive to bring a garment of praise to churches and leaders in Soroti. We are working on a small piggery project to raise money for musical instruments and equipment. I am also involved in discipleship, friendship evangelism, and just overall encouraging the alongside the teachers as they lead a class. local church to understand and live in the GRACE of God.
About Karen

While attending Bible College from 1995-1999, I fell in love with missions and East Africa. The Lord led me to the Netherlands for a year where I humbly served as a nanny. Afterwards I tutored missionary kids and discipled young people in the Philippines for three years. For five years I was supporting teens with special needs. I spent a year in Kenya and Uganda in 2009 and had my calling confirmed. Africa felt like home. And the people stole my heart.