If this is your first time worshiping with Fellowship Church, or your first time worshiping online, or your first time in a Christian worship service, here are some things that might help:

  • Easter is the celebration of Jesus' coming back to life after he was crucified, and our confidence that those who trust in him also have eternal life.
  • Our Easter worship service will be a bit more festive than a typical Sunday, but still casual. 
  • The length of our Easter worship will be just under one hour.
  • Online worship is different than being physically together - in some ways less than being in a church building, but in some ways more.  Participate as the Spirit leads you!
  • Our celebration will include singing, a message, and prayers, led by Pastor Mark Broadus and members of the church.  It is not elaborate--we simply share the abilities God has given us as a worshipping community.
  • To help follow along, use the outline of the worship service which can be found on the WORSHIP tab of this website.
  • We will share Communion (also referred to as The Lord's Supper) in our live stream worship service. (Please note it will not be a part of the recorded worship.)  You can participate by coming prepared with your own bread and wine/grape juice, as we all do during this time of online worship.
  • During the live stream, you can use the chat function to ask questions or give feedback.  You can choose to leave your name or be completely anonymous. People will be ready to answer your questions. 
  • Our staff is available to help, too, throughout the week (416-622-9647; [email protected]).