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Prayer for Ukraine

We pray for the brave Ukrainians who have stayed in their country, passionate for peace in the turmoil. For the parents who have fled, protecting their children from evil.

We pray for the missionary who shares Christ’s love with the hurting, spreading light in a dark world. The servant who guides orphans away from the fighting, finding refuge across the border. The Russians who fill the streets in protest, inspiring us with their courage.

We pray for the leaders who humble themselves, asking for help for their people. The leaders who respond, sending aid and a fleet of satellite ships so Ukraine can communicate with the world.

For all those who are laying down their life for their neighbor.

We pray desperate prayers for the heroes in Ukraine, begging for mercy and peace and protection. We pray for food, electricity, medicine, and most of all, we pray for a supernatural army to stop the evil marching into their land.

Source: Patheos

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