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“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - Jesus, John 14:6


What are you finding in your journeys near your home? A friend said to me today that life in this pandemic is like Groundhog Day - a never-ending repeat. (You have to have seen the Bill Murray movie to get the reference.) He admitted he needs to break up his routine and get out walking. Is your life like that, or are you journeying daily toward a destination? 

If I'm in a new place, I like to follow a new road or path until I literally get lost.  I like it because, if I did not take it, what might I have missed?  Yet  Ruth Bidgood would beg to differ; in her poem "Roads" she writes:

No need to wonder what heron-haunted lake lay in the other valley
Or regret the sounds in the forest I chose not to traverse
No need to ask where other roads might have led, since they led elsewhere
For nowhere but this here and now is my true destination
The river is gentle in the soft evening
And all the steps of my life have brought me home.

We are headed for a destination, but what a circuitous route it seems to follow sometimes! If you are looking for more than what you find on your local walks, a common and useful way to reflect on the winding, circular route which is your life, is to walk a labyrinth.  You can do this in your room by printing one on a piece of paper and tracing it prayerfully with your finger. Or you can find one near enough to walk or drive to by using the locator. You can even walk them online (although I would strongly suggest getting out and actually walking!)

May all your roads take you to your home, your centre, Jesus!

Pastor Mark

PS - thanks to Luke and Bill for responding to last week's post with their photos of the owl and the long-tailed duck!

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