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First shoots of the season at 800 Burnhamthorpe


The Lord made the moon to mark the seasons,
    and the sun knows when to go down.

How many are your works, Lord!
    In wisdom you made them all.

When you send your Spirit,
    they are created,
    and you renew the face of the ground.

May the glory of the Lord endure forever;
    may the Lord rejoice in his work. 
Psalm 104:19, 24, 30, 31.


Here's an anniversary worth celebrating - Fellowship "Elbow Bumps" (this blog page) turned one year old this week!  Here's hoping that it won't be around for another year!  But in the meantime, we continue this virtual connection, with pleasure.  It has proven to be a very versatile means of staying in touch.

This particular day there is good news everywhere. The sun is shining brightly out my office window. Every day I hear of someone new getting vaccinated. And Spring arrives with warm days and glorious sunshine this weekend!  Already the bulbs are putting up shoots around the church property (see picture, above.) 

Lent, of course, is all about Spring.  I always thought the word meant something to do with penitence, but it actually comes from a German word meaning "long" as in "longer days." Longer days, warmer temps, lots of sunshine--get out there and enjoy it this weekend. And when you do, stop to notice the signs of spring.  Think of God renewing, re-creating and resurrecting.  Spring is indeed a time of spiritual refreshment here in the north country! Look and you will see God's handiwork.

Pastor Mark

PS - when you are out on your walk, take a photo of the first signs of Spring and send it in!  What other signs of renewal do you see?

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