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"Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." - Jesus, Matthew 28:20


These are confusing times, undermining our emotional fortitude. One moment we are excited about the vaccine, the next moment we are worrying about the rising infection numbers or COVID variants. Sometimes we see a light at the end of this tunnel, other times it grows too faint to see.

So often right now, it feels like we are walking alone. Look outside: many people are literally walking alone every day now.  Our usual companions may not be near us. Our life rhythms may be way off.  We may feel too blue or out of sorts to reach out. If we do go out, it may be on our own, and when we pass people on the street these days, we try so hard to steer clear and turn our heads away. It just feels all wrong.

Our Lenten theme this year has been Journey to Jerusalem. We journey with Jesus, on his mission, on his terms. We see his tears, we hear of his passion.  And so we have reason to continue, and purpose for our journey. And we have his companionship. No pandemic can take this from us. 

Never forget that we do not walk alone, we walk with Jesus. No matter what your circumstances.  Jesus has already walked this path; he knows the way, and he knows the outcome.  Hold tight to his hand.  It's still going to be a rough patch for awhile - hold tight to his hand!

Pastor Mark

PS - If you're feeling alone any day, reach out. I've restarted "online office hours"; if you need someone to talk to, just join the meeting, Tuesdays-Fridays, 1-3pm. Or just pick up the phone.  And " porch visit season" is right around the corner now!

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Carol De Val about 1 year ago

I was just sent this youtube clip. It has touched my heart as we approach Easter. May it warm your hearts as well!

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