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Yesterday was the day we've all been waiting for—the Premier's announcement of a reopening plan for Ontario.  Finally, a date set to start getting back to normal life.  Three phases of reopening to start soon, even sooner if you happen to be a golfer or other outdoor sports enthusiast.  All we have to do is ensure that a majority of people get vaccinated.

What are you most looking forward to? Is it some big thing you've not been able to do, like visiting an art gallery or public event? Or is it a holding a grandchild, or hugging a friend?  We all have things that we can't wait to do again, and the sooner, the better.

What have you lost during this pandemic? Is it a relationship, a routine, a job? Is it recoverable? 

What have you gained during this pandemic? Is it space in your life, an appreciation for things close by, a new skill?

What has God taught you in the past 15 months?  Have you learned more about yourself, or about Him? Has he taught you to trust more freely, to love deeper, or to pray more?  Are you less, or more, fearful now than before?

Finally, is there a part of you—even a part that you don't want to acknowledge—that does not want this lockdown to end? Are you quite settled in now, comfortable enough, that you fear breaking the routine?  

Click here and read this poem, "We've All Been Exposed," by Sarah Bourns.  Then ask yourself: am I ready to remove the mask?  When I do, what will be revealed, that God needs to heal?

I look forward to hearing your stories when we see one another face to face again—soon.

Pastor Mark


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