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Thank you for joining in the Day of Prayer this past weekend, whether you prayed for a short or for a long time.

What was your experience in praying? It’s hard work, isn’t it, to pray a long time.  I found it relatively easy to pray in the morning, but by the afternoon I was praying less and less in each hourly segment. By the end, I was quite tired.  Did you have a similar experience?

Did you have any special times of prayer?  Perhaps with worship music, or on a walk, or some other form of exercise?  I took a path which led me to a great place in the woods where all I could hear was the river and the wind. It was the highlight of my day, to be sure.

What caught your attention as you prayed?  Did you find yourself distracted?  Did you use the prayer guide to get back in focus, or some other means? What emotions did you feel as you pray?  I found I was quite sad in the first part of the morning – so I deviated from the prayer guide and followed that emotion in prayer, then spent some time singing worship songs. What was your experience?

Remember, I would love to hear your experience of the day of prayer. Do not respond in the comment below; rather, send me an email at [email protected], or call me at 416-622-9647; I will keep your response confidential.

May God continue to deepen your experience of prayer.

Pastor Mark

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