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What's happening? I'm glad you asked, because it's summer camp time!  We've opened our doors to the neighbourhood with a little camp we are calling EtobiKids, and we are praying it will grow into something bigger, year by year.

What does it take for a summer camp?  First of all, planning - this camp has occupied a good portion of my days for the last couple of months, and has been in planning mode since January.  Even so, I'm even more aware of how I need to plan for next year!

Next, it takes great staff, and I'm glad to say we've got them!  If we didn't have a great camp director, I would not have dared run the camp.  Once our director was in place, we were able to hire three great counsellors.  I do need to thank the Government of Canada, because without the Canada Summer Jobs grants, this camp would not exist.

It also takes faith.  Who knows who will come to our little camp?  We are simply putting our name out there to a neighbourhood that hardly knows us, and we are asking them to entrust to us their very own children.  We are so grateful when they send their children.

Finally it takes a lot of help.  Jamie and the staff at Saga Camp in Mississauga provided so much practical help at crucial times. So did our friend Ron from Camp Dakota, who helped us with last year's pilot and ideas for this year.  And of course, the volunteers here at Fellowship who have provided so much help along the way.

What a joy it is to see kids learning about Jesus, making new friends, and having a great, noisy time together!  Once the kids arrive, all the work is worth it.  

If you're in the neighbourhood, come and see Camp EtobiKids in action!


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