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Easter Meditation

Sometimes it doesn’t work out as you expect.
Sometimes even though you know
the game is up,
even though you know
the inevitable outcome,

even sometimes when you have given up yourself…
…it doesn’t work out as you expect.

There are those days when the child,
who has been running away for years,
every week, without fail,

The day when the disabled child,
is finally accepted for who they are.
When the traveller,
for so long the outsider,
suddenly becomes a friend.

There are those days when,
in the face of despair,
for some unexpected and
incomprehensible reason,
our long dead hopes
are brought back to life.

There are those days
we suddenly realise
the stone has been moved…
… and the tomb is empty.

A prayer of response

King Jesus,
Risen, ruling Lord,
All glory, honour, and praise be yours.
You make all things new,
Constantly creating beauty from ashes,
And pouring out gladness, all gladness – grace.

Why am I surprised each time you rise
With healing in your wings?
Answered prayers; transformed lives;
Reformed systems; children embraced.
All that is good comes from you.
Everything that is life comes from you.

And I praise you, praise you, praise you
That Calvary’s victory is proved again a thousand times each day
In glimpses, miracles and reconciliations,
Even as we wait for an end to the good fight
And strive to have faith for long dead hopes
To burst to life as you promised.

And I ask you, plead with you, long for you
To come still more Risen Lord.

So your kingdom come, your will be done
On earth as in heaven Lord.
No more pain, no more poverty,
No more child alone. 

~ in “Daily Meditations and Response prayers for Holy Week” by Nigel Varndell. Copyright © 2011 Nigel Varndell (Meditations) and 2012  Posted on the Sanctuary Centre website.  


Sybil de Mos 4 months ago

I'd like to thank all who make this communication possible. It is wonderful!
And to Mark: Thank you for your everyday encouragement. I'll pray for your continued insight.

Mark  Broadus Mark Broadus 4 months ago

Thank you Sybil! I need those prayers!

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