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Flags are at half mast around the country this week. We are in an important moment of national conversation.  We have of course been at similar moments in the past. However, as with George Floyd murder in the US, we now wonder if the finding of 215 unmarked children's graves will finally be an impetus for change.

No doubt we have all been strugling to know how to respond. All of our responses seem so inadaquate. As one with the responsiblity and opportunity of leading others in prayer, I have felt scarcely up to the task.  So, thankfully for me and you, our denomination has produced some significant aids.  I am indebted to Chong, Joe and Jane for pointing us to them. They speak much more ably than I can, and they also contain very important resources. I encourage you to go to the Response to Discovery of Remains of 215 Children and read what has been prepared, especially the "Responses" section.  Spend some time with what is provided there.

One of the things you will find there is a prayer. We would like to ask you to join Bernadette and I right now in praying that prayer together. You can find the prayer in written and audio formats on this web page, just below.

Pastor Mark




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