Our World Belongs to God 58

Today we complete our journey through the "Contemporary Testimony: Our World Belongs to God." 

Paragraphs 1-6: Preamble (April 11-29)
Paragraphs 7-12: Creation (April 30-May 8)
Paragraphs 13-17: Fall (May 11-15)
Paragraphs 18-22: Redemption (May 18-22)
Paragraphs 23-27: Jesus Christ (May 25-29)
Paragraphs 28-30: Holy Spirit (June 1-2, 5)

Paragraphs 31-33: Revelation (June 8-10)
Paragraphs 34-40: God's New People
(June 11-19)

Paragraphs 41-54 The Mission of God's People (June 23-Oct. 16)
Paragraphs 55-58 New Creation (Oct. 27-November 27)

Paragraph 58 (Today)
With the whole creation
we join the song:
“Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain,
to receive power and wealth
and wisdom and strength
and honor and glory and praise!”
He has made us a kingdom of priests
to serve our God,
and we will reign on earth.
God will be all in all,
righteousness and peace will flourish,
everything will be made new,
and every eye will see at last
that our world belongs to God.
Hallelujah! Come, Lord Jesus!

[For the imagery of this paragraph, see Exodus 19:5-6, Isaiah 40, 1 Peter 2:9-10, and Revelation 4-5.]

Today with Paragraph 58 we complete our journey through the Contemporary Testimony.  Thank you for accompanying me as we have considered the meaning of this testimony, now almost 35 years old, for our world today.  Along the way we have shared more than 60 related songs.  I have enjoyed the journey. I have found the Testimony especially contemporary to life in the midst of a virus pandemic. But who knew, when we started it back on April 11, that we would still be in the pandemic mode (in another lockdown, no less) almost 8 months later?  What this journey has served to remind us that, even in the midst of the disruptions caused by this virus, it remains true that our world does indeed belong to God, and he has a place and purpose for us in it.

Our final song for this series is, fittingly, Handal's Worthy Is The Lamb and Amen Chorus in this version from the Royal Choral Society.

Now may the Lord Jesus bless you as you journey on from this time, into the season of Advent.

Pastor Mark

PS - This next week we consider the hope of Advent. What are your favourite carols which speak of hope?  Respond below, or to me by email!

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