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We know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. (I John 3:20)

In response to what we’ve shared from Jesus’ words in Matthew 15 this week, one of you wrote a response which I will paraphrase. This person summarized the March 19th sermon as being “about the importance of what is in their heart, instead of following traditional rules with little thought.” Well said.  This person went on to say that, many people come to Christ from religions and societies which are rule-based. (This can be true for people in our own society as well). “For all such people, and the rest of us, knowing that what is in our hearts is more important to God than our rituals and practices is a great comfort. We may not always have the ‘correct beliefs’, but the Holy Spirit can put that right if our hearts open to Him and doing right.”

Thank you for these words.  And may we all find great comfort today, not in keeping rules correctly, but in the knowledge that God the God who loves us is greater than our hearts.

Prayer – God, who is greater than my heart, search my heart, forgive my sins, and cleanse me inside and out. 

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