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We are now in the season of Lent, and our teaching series is, "Journeying to Eden: from Darkness to Light."  Each topic will tie into the previous "Building Blocks of Faith" teaching series, but from the opposite perspective, as we examine the meaning of the cross of Jesus in addressing the fallen world's great need. 

In week 1, Rev. Lesli led us "from alienation to belonging."  Eden is the ultimate picture of human belonging, men and women in perfect fellowship with God and one another - but what does that have to do with today? Listen in and find out!  In week 2, I am speaking about work, both fallen and restored, looking at the wonderful book of Ecclesiastes.   In weeks 3 and 4, we look again at knowing and hope.  

Please plan to join us for this entire series, and to to the "Sermons" page to catch up on any that you have missed!

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