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Fellowship CRC is delighted to announce a new member of our leadership team, Mr. Mark Broadus.

Mark and Sandy Broadus come to us from central Mississauga, where they have lived for the past 18 years; their two children, Felicia and Daniel, live in Ottawa and Kingston, respectively. Mark was born in northern Minnesota, Sandy in Capetown, South Africa, and by God’s grace met in Oakville. They moved to Mississauga to help found Chartwell Baptist Church in Clarkson. While working in the computer field, first in technical roles, then in sales and business development, Mark served in a variety of formal and informal leadership roles at Chartwell. Concurrently, Mark began preparing for his next life stage by enrolling in the Master’s of Divinity program at Tyndale Seminary.

Sandy, meanwhile, had completed her MDiv and Doctorate of Ministry; then she founded the Emmaus Formation Centre, which is dedicated to the strengthening of Christians by means of spiritual formation and spiritual direction.

Mark is passionate about the local church in God’s saving plan, and thus is very excited to be a part of what God is doing in the neighbourhood of 800 Burnhamthorpe Road. Mark brings a pastor’s relational heart to this ministry, and so is looking forward to getting to know you and, with you, your neighbourhood.

Mark’s Contact Info:
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 647-280-6275