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We interrupt our regular programming for this important announcment: our congregational day of prayer is this weekend!  And we need YOU to join!

The main goal of this prayer day is simply that you would spend some quality time with your gracious God!

  • Can't pray on the 12th?  Then pray on the 13th
  • Can't pray for 8 hours? Then pray as long as you are able
  • Don't know what to pray for? Then use the attached prayer guide
  • Can't pray on your own? Then pray with someone else
  • Can't pray with another person? Then pray on your own!
  • Not from this church? Join us anyway!

There is something incomparable in setting aside an extended time for prayer.  This is a day to be with God, a day of true fellowship.  It is a day to enjoy God and to experience the wonderful reality that God enjoys being with you, too.

In previous years we would have gathered together for such a prayer day. This year, so that all can participate, we are each praying where we are. Praying together for part or all of the day over the telephone or with someone you are “bubbled” with would also be beneficial. 

We want you to be able to join in, whatever your situation. To aid you in praying and so we can pray together, we are providing you with the attached prayer guide.  Follow it as we pray together this weekend.  Obviously it is just a guide; you may depart from it and come back to it as often as you wish.

Also, don’t feel like you have to talk for eight hours.  You will want to spend extended periods in silence, just listening and basking in God’s love.

When we set aside a day such as this, God will honour it. He will meet with us.  We listen because we anticipate that God will speak with us.  On each page of the prayer guide there is brief room for notes.  We encourage you to note the words and images that God places on your heart.  Perhaps it is in the form of a poem, song or picture. 

Record your experience in prayer, then share it with me afterwards. I will collate these and confidentially share the themes of what we as a church hear from God this weekend. 

May God by his Holy Spirit work his perfect will for Fellowship this weekend as we together seek his face.