This week’s special offering is for Resonate Resonate Global Mission: Nepal Missionary Support. In the past many years, we as a congregation have supported missionaries in various locations, including Nigeria, Nicaragua and Uganda. Currently we are only supporting Karen Lubbers-Odel in Uganda. Resonate Global Mission currently has a priority of working with local, in-country individuals and organizations in furthering mission and church growth instead of sending people from North America. As deacons, we felt that we want to be supportive of this. With the help of Resonate Global Mission in Burlington, the deacons have identified a mission in Nepal in place of supporting individual missionaries. We are excited about Nepal and ask that this changed initiative become the congregation’s project. We will continue to support Karen in Uganda. There will be periodic reports provided from Karen and Nepal. To find out more information visit Global Mission's website. Next week's special offering will be for St. James Food Basket.