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This week’s special offering will be for St. James Food Basket.

March 2020, we averaged 169 families attending per week. In March, 2021 it was 198 families per week. In March 2022 we had 215 families. Rising prices are definitely having an impact: we have more food recipients, some new and some who have resumed attending after several months’ absence. We continue to hand out boxes of 50 masks to every family (and an extra box to large families) every 3 months; the next time is early May. Other weeks, using special funding from Daily Bread, we will be handing out ziplock sandwich bags, toothpaste, aluminum foil and other such items. Families continue to receive 3 bags of food each week that include: canned beans, vegetables, soup, pasta sauce, and tuna; crackers, granola bars, pasta and rice; at least 7 fresh fruits/ vegetables; milk, yogurt and halal ground chicken; eggs and bread. There are other items each week, but this list contains the staple items. We also give out feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products and baby diapers each month. We have not loosened our Covid protocols at this point, and are not using the kitchen at all. We look forward to welcoming back more volunteers over the next few months, if we are able to return to our traditional organization. 

For more information, please visit St. James Food Basket.