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This week's special offering will support World Renew - Human Trafficking Prevention. Today, in the next 30 seconds, a child will be trafficked. One in 7 girls will be married by the time they are 15 years old. Over 600 million women live in regions of the world where domestic violence is not a crime. World Renew works worldwide, helping to bring justice where there is inequity. World Renew, along with key partners, helps train children and their parents on the dangers of child trafficking and what to look out for. But more than that, we work with government officials to help break the networks, bringing traffickers to justice. One of the most effective ways of teaching is to hold events that include singing, art, games, drama, and teaching young people the warning signs of danger. World Renew is committed to bringing justice to regions where injustice prevails.

For more information, please visit World Renew.