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This week’s special offering will go to support Resonate Global Mission - Karen Lubbers-Odel. Karen Lubbers-Odel is a young missionary serving children and youth in Uganda. She seeks to continually equip church leaders, pastors and teachers, through experiential learning, skill building, Bible teaching, worship leadership and discipleship; to transform and impact communities holistically. She and her husband Moses are currently involved in men and women's fellowship, preaching, speaking at youth conferences, music ministry, and leading Bible clubs and kids camps.

Please pray:

  • For open doors in ministry
  • For the nation of Uganda - for a better education system, anti-corruption, and a steady weather pattern
  • For the Odel family, that they may be the hands and feet and mouthpiece of Christ wherever they are called

For more information go to Resonate Global Mission - Karen Lubbers-Odel, or visit Karen's Blog.