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This week’s special offering will go to support Moses and Karen Lubbers-Odel, missionaries serving children and youth in Uganda. They are involved in Men’s and Women’s Fellowship groups. Moses and Karen desire to train church leaders and school teachers in the Bible. They provide creative teaching techniques, lesson planning, crafting, while equipping these leaders and school teachers with Sunday school materials. They want to continue to pursue worship and music ministry, as a means of discipleship amongst young people and the worship leaders. Moses and Karen value prayer as a key component to their ministry. They currently walk alongside a Sports Ministry team which is seeking to use sports as a means of sharing the Gospel with kids and teens. They are also assisting a ministry that reaches out to boys living on the streets who are addicted to glue and airline fuel. Moses and Karen speak at youth conferences, kids’ camps, and school assemblies. Friendship evangelism with people of other religions is also important to them.

Moses and Karen serve with Mission Go, formerly Global Outreach Mission, and are delighted to also partner with Resonate Global MissionFor more information visit the website.

Next week's special offering will be for African Inland Mission.