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This week's special offering is for St. James Food Basket.

An update from the chair of St. James Food Basket: 

A year ago I reported that we were consistently providing food to about 180 families per week. What a difference a year makes! Now we are consistently providing food to over 300 families per week, and the numbers keep rising. The combination of refugees from Ukraine and the rising cost of living is bringing us an average of 10 to 15 new families every week. This has created more crowding in line and longer wait times. Even though Daily Bread has significantly increased the amount of most foods it gives us, this has also resulted in us doing a lot more shopping. Since we are packaging food and want all families to receive the same items, every week we have to purchase more to add to the number of tuna, bread, toiletries and yogurt we give out. Most food banks are in the same position as us, and many have had their numbers double or more. This puts a great deal of stress on everyone, both those who receive food and those who volunteer. We are very grateful for your help during this challenging time.

For more information, please visit St. James Food Basket's website.