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Our special offering for October 9 will support the Loaves&Fishes Growing Project of South Simcoe County (L&F). 

The L&F is a multidenominational project that grows crops wherein farmers donate land and labour, and donations from churches, individuals and agribusinesses pay for the inputs.  For every $1 donated to L&F for inputs, about $2-2.50 is raised to send to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) where it is further multiplied by matching government grants (up to 4:1 ratio). CFGB is a partnership of Canadian churches and church-based agencies that work to support international programs and increase the involvement of Canadians in reducing hunger on an immediate and sustainable basis. World Renew, being one of the CFGB member agencies, accesses funds from the CFGB for its food assistance programs.  This year marks the 25th year that L&F has grown crops to raise funds for CFGB.  Please pray for a good harvest and relief of hunger around the world. 

For more information, please visit Loaves&Fishes, or visit their Facebook page here.