Let's Run to Win!

Life is often compared to a race. It’s an apt analogy, because, like a race, life requires training, discipline, proper nutrition, sufficient rest, good pacing, strong desire, plus a great coach and caring teammates. We might think of it as a marathon, where just finishing is a victory in itself, and finishing with others is a real joy! This marathon analogy also works well for the Christian life. The goal is not to finish first, because by God’s grace, the last will be first! The goal is to finish well, and that requires, training, discipline, proper nutrition and rest, good pacing, strong desire, along with a great coach, Jesus, and encouraging teammates. Just like a marathon.

In the Bible, the book of Hebrews has a lot to say about this subject. It does it in a series of statements that open with the little words, “let us.” Each of the statements is related specifically to Jesus, the one who already mastered the race of life. These statements are encouragements for us as we run the race. If we were on a road trip with others, we might say, “Let’s get going,” “Let’s take a lunch break,” “Let’s take a side trip today,” or “Let’s make up for lost time.” In this 4-week mini-series, we are going to see the advice that the Bible has so that we can keep looking to Jesus as we run our life race, run it well, and run it to win! Please join us, it’s going to be a great run.